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Main courses





Exotic Fruit sushi

Vietnamese Spring rolls

Spicy cod with Pineapple

Thai Shrimps in glass

Scallop Carpaccio

Thai curry mussels

Pad Thai verrines

Asian chicken skewers

Chicken Tom Kha soup in verrines

Shrimp tempura skewers

Chicken lettuce wrap

Authentic Pad Thai

Thai curry with scallops and lemongrass

Express Pork Tenderloin Pad Thai

Ginger Chicken with wild mushrooms

Pork tenderloin

Sweet and Sour Chicken Sauté with Pineapple and snow peas

Thai curry mussels

Chicken Tom Kha soup in verrines

Korean BBQ Braised Short Ribs

Asian noodles and chicken sauté

Chicken in a peanut sauce

Asian salad with sesame seeds

Bean Salad

Ginger Beef Tataki

Chicken and mango salad

Cream of eggplant soup with cod and light coconut milk

Bok Choy and tofu Coconut soup

Vietnamese beef soup with rice noodles

Chicken Tom Kha soup in verrines

Coconut rice pudding

Lychee and Coconut Spring rolls

Pineapple Flan

Squash and coconut cake

Mango Mousse

Banana Pudding

Chocolate torte

Fruit Punch Colada

Latte with sweet cream of coconut